If you are thinking of fixing your own appliances, you need to know these important do-it-yourself tips. Many people try to repair their own appliances when they are not qualified to do so or are unsure of what they are doing. This leads to problems as you can damage the appliance for good, void your warranty and even seriously harm yourself.

This is important to us because we are in the business of helping people. We want to help you by educating you about your appliances and also offering appliance help and repair when needed. When you browse our site, you will see that we take the mystery out of appliances and appliance repair.

Be sure you never attempt any do-it-yourself repair jobs when you don t know what you are doing. Some problems are minor and can easily be fixed yourself. For example, many appliances have filters that when clogged or damaged cause the appliance to operate poorly or quit working altogether. You can regularly check filters and drain hoses for cleaning or replacing when needed.

Here are some tips for when you do it yourself:

  • Be sure all electrical appliances are unplugged before attempting any type of repairs.
  • To be extra safe, turn off the circuit breakers to large appliances before moving them and working on them.
  • Be sure you do not do anything that will violate the warranty on your product.
  • Always call a professional for anything that goes beyond your technical capabilities.

You also want to be sure that you use the proper tools while working on appliances. Makeshift tools or shoddy tools can cause injury to yourself or damage to the parts you are trying to repair.

Make sure you always have the proper make and model number before heading to the store for parts. This will save you time, money and hassle that come with getting the wrong parts.

When replacing washer belts, be sure you have the right kind for your washer. Some washers can use generic V-type belts just fine but other brands, such as Maytag, Frigidaire and Electrolux often have problems with the wrong belt. The problem is you won t even know it until your washer gets to the spin cycle and the agitator doesn t move properly. You will have a washer full of wet, soapy clothes and an agitator that isn t moving.

When working on any appliances that operate on gas, be sure your gas is turned off or properly disconnected from the appliance.

If you have checking for no heat problem in a dryer, there is a simple, inexpensive tool that works with most dryer brands and will tell you how many volts of power you have to the machine. This can help you diagnose a potential no-heat problem. You should also be sure the vents are properly cleared of lint as this will make your dryer heat less efficiently and is also a fire hazard.

Many appliance problems are caused by blown fuses. These are very easy to check for and replace if needed and can save you from expensive repairs.

These are just a few do-it-yourself tips for repairing appliances. Specific tips and advice apply to the specific appliance you are repairing and the specific problem with it. You can browse through our pages for more tips for repair projects on your appliances.

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