While more and more people are buying front loading washing machines, there are still many reasons to stick with the more traditional top loading washers. Before getting sucked into the higher price tag unit just to “keep up with the Jones”?, consider these reasons to make your next washing machine purchase a top loader.

    • THERE IS MORE VARIETY IN UNITS: Top loading washing machines have been the go-to machine for decades and, as such, there is a much wider variety of units available for top loading washer compared to front load washers. If diversity and choices are what you want, the top loading washing machine is the right choice for you.


    • CHEAPER PRICE TAG: Top loading washers are less expensive than their front loading cousins. You can save anywhere from tens of dollars upwards of a hundred or more by choosing a top loading washing machine for your next home laundry purchase. Though, washer maintenance and service needs will still vary depending on the required washer repairs.


    • HIGHER CAPACITY: Washing machines that load from the top can often handle larger loads than their front loading counterparts. Top loaders can handle comforters and blankets in ways that would bog down or even damage washers that are front loaders. Large families or people who simply want to get as much laundry done as possible per load should go with a top loading washing machine. Remember, over stuffing your washing machine can cause problems that will have your washer appliance repair man on speed dial.


    • EASE OF USE: Top loaders are ideal for people with back issues or who simply do not want to stoop over to do their laundry. With a front loader, your washing is done at knee level. For a machine that is easy to use and puts all your laundry within arm’s reach, choose a top loading washing machine.


    • NO SPECIAL DETERGENTS: Front loaders can often require expensive, specialty detergents in order to operate properly. If improper detergents are used, it could lead to washer repairs in the future. Top loaders can use whichever detergent you choose. Whether you pick your detergents based on brand name, price, or scent, it doesn’t matter when you purchase a top loading washing machine.


While front loading washing machines offer some benefits, top loading washing machines come with their fair share of perks as well. Before shelling out top dollar for a front loading washing machine based on appearance, or because that is the latest trend, consider these benefits of owning a top loading washing machine. You can save yourself on your next purchase and still get the best possible outcome from your at home laundry experience.