Microwave Care.While not essential, your microwave is a ridiculously useful kitchen gadget. How else would you reheat your morning coffee that’s gone cold? The microwave helps you through many meals and snacks, making your life more convenient and reducing the number of pots and pans you have to wash.

If you really love your microwave, then you’ll want to do everything you can to make sure it lasts as long as possible. After all, the longer your microwave lasts, the fewer costs you’ll face and the less waste you’ll create.

Luckily, there are some easy things you can do to keep your microwave in good shape. Performing regular maintenance will not only save you the inconvenience of dealing with a broken-down machine, it will also save you the cost of paying for servicing or buying a new microwave. The best part about these tips is most of them don’t even require very much technical know-how. So, what can you do to maintain your microwave? Follow these four tips:

Keep It Clean.

Yes, keeping your microwave clean is good for more than ensuring the kitchen is tidy or for food safety practices. When it comes to your microwave, splattered or spilled food can absorb energy and burn or damage the interior. So, make a regular habit of cleaning your microwave so that you can avoid these troubles.

Microwave Oven.Also, make sure that you use the proper tools and products when cleaning. Warm, soapy water usually does the trick just fine. Use a rag or soft cloth to wipe away the dirt in your microwave. If things are really stuck, you can heat some water in your microwave to create some steam that will help soften up food that’s stuck on the walls. But, the easiest way to keep your microwave clean is to wipe up spills and splatters as they happen. When spills are fresh, they can be easily wiped up whereas later they become hard and encrusted and you will have to put it a lot more effort to get your microwave clean.

Use a Surge Protector.

Just like with any electronic device, electrical surges can cause damage. These events can occur during a thunderstorm, as a result of an accident that knocks down power lines or changes in the grid. Don’t be caught by surprise! These electrical surges can cause your circuit board to fail or ruin your entire machine.

How can you avoid this problem? Either use a surge protector or unplug your microwave when not in use. If you opt to unplug your microwave when not in use, you may also notice savings on your energy bill. You can use this trick with many appliances in your home to save on electricity. Even when not in use, appliances use what’s known as phantom power which makes your bill go up.

The bottom line? Protect your microwave from an irregular electricity supply to prolong its life. If you are forgetful about unplugging appliances, your best bet is using a surge protector.

Be Gentle With the Door.

Clean the Microwave.Microwaves are, in part, small Faraday cages. What on earth is a Faraday cage? It’s an enclosure or shield that blocks electromagnetic waves. The encasement of your microwave works to keep the microwaves moving around inside the oven from getting out into the rest of your home or kitchen.

Where are we going with this? The door is a complex mechanism that ensures that as little leakage occurs as possible. In other words, it’s something you should be careful with. Avoid closing the door with your elbow or forcing the door open while the microwave is still running. Close the door gently and only open it when the microwave has come to a full stop. This will help protect not only the latch mechanism but will also prevent excessive leakage of electromagnetic waves from the unit.

Replace Parts Immediately.

If you notice that a piece of your microwave has worn out, replace it or call us in to replace it for you. There are many simple pieces you can replace on your own such as the turntable, door latch, light bulb and charcoal filter. You may notice that the charcoal filter needs replacing if your oven is particularly smelly or if it’s greasy. The charcoal filter is in the grill area of the microwave and the location changes depending on the make and model of your microwave. All of these are simple replacements that you can purchase and replace without much expertise.

As you can see, maintaining a microwave isn’t that difficult after all. Follow these four tips and you’ll be sure to get a long life out of your microwave oven. All it takes on your part is a bit of care, organization, and some initiative, and you’ll have a reliable microwave you won’t have to worry about.

New White Microwave.However, do keep in mind, there are some maintenance tasks you shouldn’t attempt on your own. If your microwave starts acting up, won’t heat properly or won’t even turn on, call the trusty technicians at West Coast Chief repair to come have a look. When you need help with your microwave, we are ready to check it out and let you know what your options are. With our technicians on the job, you can count on an honest evaluation and a diagnosis so that you can make an informed decision.

Being without a microwave isn’t a situation anyone wants to find themselves in. As you can see from our tips, prevention is the best approach to take. This will ensure that your microwave lasts as long as possible. By prolonging the life of your microwave, you reduce costs and may even reduce the number of microwaves you’ll need to purchase over the course of your lifetime.

The next time you require microwave repair services, be sure to ask our technicians for additional advice and recommendations for keeping your microwave in great shape.

Do you have any winning microwave maintenance tips? Tell us about how you keep your microwave in perfect conditions in the comments section.