Los Angeles Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance.

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AC Installation.California is undoubtedly one of the sunshine states. With average summer temperatures in the high eighties and nineties and peaks above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, air conditioning is simply one of life’s necessities. Finding the right team of professionals to install and service your home or commercial air conditioning unit can mean the difference between affordable comfort and a costly struggle.

West Coast Chief Repair is one of the leading air conditioning and home appliance repair teams servicing the greater Los Angeles area. For more than 25 years we have been providing quality care the residents of these communities. No business is able to boast that kind of record without leaving an army of satisfied customers in their wake.

There are many reasons why so many customers consider West Coast Chief to be the number one air conditioning installation and repair service in the area:

Full Home Evaluations.

Air Conditioning Level.When you choose us for your air conditioning installation you get more than your unit installed. We are able to evaluate the entire home’s energy profile to recommend the right unit to not only fit your needs but to keep your energy costs down. Our installation and home evaluation service can result in serious savings over the long term.

The Best Parts.

Your home air conditioning unit is a large investment and it should be treated as such. We don’t cut corners by using cheap parts or shoddy workmanship. We only use quality OEM parts with full manufacturer warranties. Quality and dedication come as standard.

HVAC Design.

HVAC Design.One of the things that make our communities unique is the architecture. There are many beautiful period homes throughout the greater Los Angeles area that are fit for picture postcards. The problem with older homes or homes with unique architectural features is that they often come with unique home cooling demands. We understand that your home’s individuality is one of the reasons you fell in love with it in the first place. We’ll go through great pains to preserve the integrity of your home and will design the right HVAC plan to meet the unorthodox needs of your home.


Professional maintenance is integral to the smooth running and longevity of anything with moving parts. Air conditioning is no exception, in fact, it needs more care than most. Dust and debris from inside and out pass through its most delicate parts making regular servicing a necessity. We are always on hand to help with planned services or even if it has slipped your mind for a while.

Same Day Assistance.

Your needs are our number one priority. For repair service calls made before noon, we can offer same day assistance. How many other repair groups can take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and be there when you need them? West Coast Chief can!

We Back It Up.

Cleaning the AC Unit.Your air conditioning unit is a large investment and should be handled only by the best. We are a licensed and insured repair company with installation services. We offer a 30-day labor guarantee as well as a warranty on parts up to 12 months. We put our money where our mouths are by ensuring that the work gets done right the first time.

If That’s Not Enough.

We have an outstanding reputation throughout the Los Angeles community for our fast, reliable work. Many of the customers of West Coast Chief Repair are so pleased with the work we offer they have provided us with testimonials right on our web page. If our work guarantee and parts warranty aren’t enough to convince you we are the right air conditioning installation and repair company for you, listen to what your neighbors have to say.

Choose the Right Air Conditioning System.

When it comes to air conditioning units there are four main styles to consider.

  • Central systems are the most comprehensive solution. Cooled air is carried throughout the house through ductwork originating from a central point, often an HVAC unit.
  • Split systems have cooling units inside and apparatus to dispel the heat outside, the two parts are joined by pipework that carries the heat. Mini-split systems are similar but the distance between the two parts is less.
  • Portable AC units are a good option for the home looking to cool small spaces for little investment.
  • Wall and window units are great fixtures for cooling one room or small space and for keeping your AC unit cheap and out of the way.

Each unit has its advantages and disadvantages and understanding your homes cooling needs and budget can help you pick the right one to achieve your home cooling goals.

Energy Efficiency.

Clean Filters.Cooling your home is more than picking the right unit to comfortably fill the space with comfortable air. Each AC system comes with a running expense. When choosing, it’s important to find the highest quality unit that not only doesn’t cost too much to install but will keep energy costs down. With more and more Energy Star appliances available there are many AC units that can keep your home cool without pushing your energy bills too high. Shop around, not all units are made the same.

Size Can Matter.

When shopping around, keep in mind that size really can matter. An Air Conditioning unit that’s too small will not produce enough cool air to keep the temperature constant and comfortable. Units that work too hard can also increase your energy bill and shorten their life. Having a unit that is too large can be a problem too. An AC unit that is too big for the space it is trying to cool will cycle on and off too often which will decrease its overall efficiency and cause the unit to work too hard shortening its lifespan again. Working closely with a technician from West Coast Chief to choose the right unit is a great way to ensure you choose correctly.

Maintain your Air Con.Realize the Total Costs, Not Just Purchase Price.

One of the biggest mistakes when budgeting for a home air conditioning is not realizing the total costs. Many people look at the sticker price and don’t take into consideration additional costs like installation, ducting, finishing, labor, etc. that can drive the cost up.

Understanding these simple guidelines in regards to your home or commercial air conditioning unit’s installation and maintenance can ensure customer satisfaction as well as maintaining your budget.

We are here to fulfill all your air conditioning requirements with minimum fuss. Call us today and we’ll set up an installation or maintenance plan tailored precisely to your needs and circumstances.  


Alex K.Alex K.
Glendale, CA
“Had them out today to do my central A/C and heating unit.  Their person showed up during the time period they promised.  Was very happy with the job and the discussion regarding my unit. The cost was very reasonable and he did not try to sell me anything. West coast was a recommendation from some close friends that have used them extensively in their own home. Thank you, Jack!”