External Compressor.Think of central air conditioning as central cooling, the opposite of central heating and you’ll understand where the term comes from. The heat, or in this case, cold, is generated from a central point then distributed throughout the building. Most modern built homes have a network of ducting to deliver heat or cooling. If for any reason, you haven’t already got or can’t install ducts, ductless systems are a viable alternative.

During a Californian Summer, it’s so important to keep your air conditioner in working order. Any compromise in the cooling power of your system and you’ll end up hot and bothered at least. Give West Coast Chief Repair a call if there’s any sign of malfunction or loss in efficiency.

Service and Maintenance.

Central air conditioning systems are an efficient means of maintaining a consistently cool temperature throughout your home. They provide whole house comfort in one easy-to-use system and don’t take up wall or window space like smaller units. Although installation can be a complicated process, once the ductwork is in place, maintenance is relatively simple.

When Californian summers wear your air conditioners down, we’re ready with a team of experienced professionals to repair both minor and major issues quickly. We make it our first priority to keep your system working, so you can keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long.

AC Ducting System.Air Conditioning Comparison.

Window and wall AC units are limited in the square footage they can cool, so you have to offset the lower cost with decreased effectiveness. While these smaller units work well in apartments and condos, they may not provide enough relief from the heat in larger homes. Window and wall units cool localized areas whereas cooling from a central unit can be blown through ducting to the furthest corners of the house. Smaller units may seem attractive at first glance but because they are usually a half-measure they tend to be left permanently on full, so electricity bills are higher. Before you discount central air conditioning for being too expensive, ask the professionals at West Coast Chief Repair for a proper estimate on the cost of installing one in your house.  

In addition to being better insulated than a wall or window unit, central air allows you to cool multiple rooms at once. In order to compete with a central air system, you would have to install multiple wall or window and fans for airflow. We always recommend a central air con solution if at all possible, give us a call for a full, realistic evaluation.

An Efficient Choice.

Central AC Vent.

Turning to a central cooling solution need not be as expensive as you expect. We offer full home evaluations and quality installation of all kinds of central air conditioning systems. Installation typically requires only a couple of technicians and a few days work and utility bill savings are significant over the alternatives

We will also help you choose the right equipment for your home.  We offer full home evaluations that will determine your energy profile.  We always recommend a central air unit with a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) if budget allows and ensure you have the correct sized unit for your home.  

Size or cooling capacity is measured in tons. This doesn’t mean a 3-ton unit physically weighs 3 tons, it’s an indication of its ability to cool large spaces. We use tons to compare cooling capacity because it’s a simple way of displaying power. The unit is based on the power it takes to melt a ton of ice in 24 hours. So a 3-ton air conditioner has the same cooling power as melting 3 tons of ice, it’s not quite that simple but it’s a good way of comparing different ones.

Getting the correct size is essential, if you get one that’s too small it will be unable to cool rooms down sufficiently and will cost more as a result. A unit that’s too large would cool your home more quickly, but it would turn off before it has the necessary time to adjust the humidity. This can cause moisture buildup that can damage your air conditioner.

Types of Central Air Conditioners.

External Central AC Unit.Split Systems.

Split systems are set up in a dual array where the condenser coil, evaporator coil, and the compressor are split between indoor locations in the home and the metal case outside.This is the preferred type in most cases as other arrangements are compromises to overcome obstacles. The components that expel the heat are kept outside and the cooling apparatus is housed inside. This all makes sense if you think about it because the heat, or lack of it, is kept in the places it’s needed. Ducting then carries cool air to wherever it’s needed.

Packaged Systems.

Alternatively, packaged central air conditioners have the evaporator, condenser, and compressor combined into a single unit.  Packaged units are well suited to apartments and small houses.  They are often used in small commercial buildings as well because the unit can be placed on a slab of concrete near the foundation, or kept on the roof.  Packaged air conditioners can also be combined with heating coils or a natural gas furnace to heat the building on colder days.

Ductless Mini-Split.

Modern houses have ducting fitted as standard especially in a climate like ours but older homes may be designed in such a way that makes them impractical. A way round this is to pump refrigerant round to individual blower units placed in strategic locations around the building. This configuration is split but is no longer strictly central but it has a similar feel.  

AC Vent Cleaning.Upkeep.

Proper maintenance of your central air conditioner can prevent many problems and extend the life of your unit. Check your air filter and compressor on a regular basis. Replace your air filter each month to ensure air is flowing properly. Keep your compressor cabinet louvers clear of dirt, leaves, and other materials, because a clogged compressor can become overheated and overworked. Keep your AC unit clear of plants, weeds or any other vegetation. You can also improve the efficiency and longevity of your unit by installing it in a shady area or providing it with shelter from overhead lattice panels or awnings.

Common Problems.

Common issues include low levels of refrigerant, problems with fans causing poor air circulation, and faulty wiring or coil. A frozen coil or moisture damage are causes of poor airflow, while these can be prevented by ensuring there are no blockages, sometimes debris gets into air ducts and other difficult-to-reach areas. Faulty thermostats and power issues can cause your outside unit to shut down and are potentially hazardous.

At West Coast Chief, our technicians know how to handle the most common and difficult repairs for any make, model, or brand of central air conditioner.  From faulty wiring to poor airflow, we’ve got you covered. If your home just doesn’t seem as cool as it should be, call us and we’ll send someone out to ensure your unit is in good working order and to make any necessary repairs. If you notice a refrigerant leak, call immediately so we can repair it before the unit sustains serious damage. Remember, even minor issues can turn into major repairs if left unattended, so keep an eye on your unit and call West Coast Chief at the first sign of trouble.