Top 5 Tips for AC Maintenance Before the Summer Heat

There are few things worse than finding yourself in need of air conditioner repair while smack dab in the middle of the hottest day of the year. With so many people installing AC units and forgetting about them, this happens more than you would think. Don't wait unit your home air conditioning is in need [...]

Top 5 Tips for AC Maintenance Before the Summer Heat2020-05-28T12:28:49-07:00

Troubleshooting American Standard Air Conditioners

American Standard air conditioners are high-quality products that typically provide excellent performance for extended periods of time. However, even the most well-made A/C system can develop problems. American Standard products contain unique technologies that help them do their job with maximum efficiency. Still, these technologies don’t change the procedures that will help you determine whether [...]

Troubleshooting American Standard Air Conditioners2020-05-12T14:00:18-07:00

Ducts: Forgotten Heroes of the HVAC World

Some parts of the home are easy to just forget about; they are always there, and they are always working well—or at least on the surface they seem to be. One such part of the home? Your air ducts. Ductwork rarely suffers from what would qualify as a genuine breakdown, instead, problems slowly build up [...]

Ducts: Forgotten Heroes of the HVAC World2020-05-12T14:23:57-07:00

5 Air Conditioning Repair Solutions You Can Try

An air conditioner is one of the greatest appliances a home can have. When the outdoor heat reaches its peak in Southern California, an air conditioner is the only sure-fire way to stay cool and comfortable indoors. Of course, an air conditioner is only good when it works, right? At West Coast Chief Appliance, we [...]

5 Air Conditioning Repair Solutions You Can Try2020-06-02T09:47:50-07:00

York, Coleman, and LuxAire AC Repair

The air temperature in your home is very important. Heating and cooling systems separate us from the often harsh and extreme weather temperatures outdoors. It’s important to have systems that you can depend on and systems that work properly when you need them. This is why we’re very particular about the types and brands that [...]

York, Coleman, and LuxAire AC Repair2020-05-12T14:02:40-07:00
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