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Stove & Oven Cleaning Checklist

Your stove and oven get used day in and day out. They see it all from oil to vinegar, grease, burned-on food, sticky honey and sugar, and even worse. Spaghetti sauce splatters all over the stovetop and the marinade from your chicken dish might slop into the oven as you’re pulling it out. A stove [...]

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Ultimate Appliance Dilemma – Replace It or Fix It?

All of the appliances in your home will inevitably experience malfunctions that make them work less effectively or stop working entirely. When these problems arise, you face a dilemma that has long confronted homeowners throughout the nation: Should you get the appliance in question repaired or just go ahead and replace it with a new [...]

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Cut Household Bills.

Often without realizing it, the average American homeowner can waste a significant amount of resources (and money) on needless energy usage. You might think that it’s difficult to switch your home over to a more energy-efficient routine but you can take a number of steps that minimize your effort while maximizing the potential benefits. Let’s [...]

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Washer Cleaning Tips.

Front-loading washing machines have many advantages over their toploading cousins which have led to their increasing popularity in recent years despite their relatively high cost. This is mainly because they provide several important benefits, including gentler washing cycles, lowered water use and substantially reduced drying times. However, machines in this category also come with one [...]

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Five Troubleshooting Tips for Your Fridge.

Your refrigerator works hard every day to keep your beverages cold and provide safe storage for your cooked and uncooked food. Under the strain of this constant workload, even high-quality models can develop problems that reduce their function or stop them from working at all. Some refrigerator problems are extensive or complicated and therefore [...]

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How to Fix a Washing Machine That Won’t Spin.

Is there anything worse than a washing machine that won’t work when your entire wardrobe is in the hamper? Perhaps, but when you’re looking at that broken machine and the burden of having no clean clothes is weighing down on you, it sure doesn’t feel like it, so get your machine fixed in a hurry. [...]

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Common Washing Machine Problems

Which household appliance is the most important in your home? That’s a difficult question to answer. Most people would say the refrigerator, some might say the stove, but we think that one we tend to overlook is actually the most vital: the washing machine. For most of us, laundry machines are something we take for [...]

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Freezer Running but Not Cold? Try These Troubleshooting Tips.

We are so used to freezers being reliable that when they suddenly malfunction, we have a hard time accepting the resulting inconveniences. Sometimes a manual defrost is due, and though inconvenient and messy, it’s a better scenario compared to a defective refrigerator component or a damaged compressor. Freezer Cooling System. The cooling system of refrigerators [...]

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Clear a Coin Blockage.

The laundry industry is as big today as it’s ever been and nothing is likely to change that in the foreseeable future. There are around 30,000 coin-operated commercial laundries in the US that generate an annual gross revenue of $5 billion. These figures don’t include communal laundry facilities provided in apartment buildings and other multi-family [...]

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