5 Air Conditioning Repair Solutions You Can Try

An air conditioner is one of the greatest appliances a home can have. When the outdoor heat reaches its peak in Southern California, an air conditioner is the only sure-fire way to stay cool and comfortable indoors. Of course, an air conditioner is only good when it works, right? At West Coast Chief Appliance, we [...]

5 Air Conditioning Repair Solutions You Can Try2020-06-02T09:47:50-07:00

5 Gas Furnace Troubleshooting Tips

Homes and businesses across America rely on gas-powered furnaces to provide their heat. Generally speaking, these appliances last for quite some time before developing any significant operating problems. However, eventually even the most well-made furnace will begin to malfunction. When this happens, it can lead to everything from a cold interior to a dangerous gas [...]

5 Gas Furnace Troubleshooting Tips2020-05-27T15:13:44-07:00

Prevent Oven Repairs with a Little TLC

We've all heard the expression: it's the little things that count. At West Coast Chief Repair, we believe certain oven repairs can be avoided. It is the little things we can do for our appliances that keep them running as effectively as possible. How you care for and service your oven from the day you [...]

Prevent Oven Repairs with a Little TLC2020-05-12T14:15:06-07:00
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