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When your livelihood is at risk you need to get everything back on an even keel with minimal disruption. The last thing you need is a repair company that lets you down, they are the one link in the chain that you should be able to rely on 100%.

Our reliability is the cornerstone of our business, for this reason, we get testimonials like this:


Glen A.
Van Nuys, Los Angeles, CA
Great service, great people and an awesome work ethics, I really can’t say enough positive things…Thank you.”


Commercial Freezer Repair.Diagnosing Problems and Making Repairs.


Food-related businesses across America rely on large-capacity commercial freezers to store or display valuable inventory. When inevitable malfunctions occur, these businesses need reliable and reputable repair services. You can rely on us to get your freezers back online preventing unnecessary food loss. Every minute lost to downtime can have a potentially major impact on critical profit margins. In the Los Angeles area, West Coast Chief is a surefire solution for affordable, reliable commercial freezer repair. We service all types of freezers with the same unbeatable combination of skill, speed, and attention to detail.

Why Choose Us?

Within a short time of booking your visit from West Coast Chief, you’ll realize you made a fine choice. We’re no ordinary repair company and always go the extra mile for our customers. Our flat-rate pricing policy on all our services is sure to leave you delighted. Prices are the same night or day, weekend or holiday. An upfront quotation is always supplied before any work starts because nobody likes unpleasant surprises.

Your time without commercial equipment is costing you money so we’re ready to go at a moment’s notice. Call us in the morning and we’ll be with you the following day. You’ve got better things to worry about after all. Talking of worries, with the warranty that covers our parts and labor, you don’t have any.

Row of Freezers.Types of Commercial Freezer.

While they all have the same basic function, commercial freezers can exhibit wide design variations.  Some units have single doors, while others have double or multiple doors. Those doors can slide, split, or top-load. They can be small enough to slip under the counter or roomy enough to drive your car in. They can have many uses too, as many as there are different businesses. Ice cream retail, frozen food, and other displayed goods to concealed units in restaurants and commercial kitchens.


Solid-door commercial freezers have the advantage of energy-efficiency. It’s convenient to place them near the cook line in a kitchen or food prep area.  As a rule, restaurant kitchens use the largest unit that fits into the space allocated for frozen storage. Some solid-door freezers have top-mounted compressors and low-positioned doors which maximize efficiency. Others have bottom-mounted compressors and higher positioned doors which tend to be easier on the body during use.

Retail Freezer Unit.Glass-Door and Display Units.

Glass-door commercial freezers are less efficient than their solid-door counterparts. They compensate for this with versatility and utility. Ideal for customer use or kitchen or prep area that are on display.

Worktop, Under-Counter, or Glass-Top.

A worktop freezer is a counter-high unit with a top surface made from food-grade quality stainless steel. In a commercial kitchen, this surface can serve as a food preparation area. Casters mounted on the bottom of worktop freezers make them easy to move from place to place as required.

Most under-counter freezers are designed to fit in the space beneath the 40-inch counters. Some units in this category may have stainless steel tops, these tops are not meant for food prep. Some units come equipped with pull-out drawers.

Glass-top commercial freezers are most often used by businesses that want to maximize the visual appeal of frozen products such as ice cream and popsicles. They typically come equipped with easy-to-use sliding doors designed for customer convenience.

Ice Cream Display Cabinet.Roll-In Freezers.

Roll-in freezers are also known as rack freezers. Units in this category have solid doors and ramps that make it easy to load and unload food stored on wheeled racks. Heights of these freezers vary, and businesses usually buy the tallest suitable units in order to conserve kitchen space.

Walk-In Freezers.

Walk-in freezers give restaurants and other food-related businesses an easy way to freeze and store large amounts of food in one location. Units vary in size, and larger units may accommodate vast quantities of food. Businesses with insufficient indoor space can install outdoor walk-in freezers.

Regular Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Common Faults.

Commercial equipment is often subject to more extreme environments than their residential cousins. Increased foot traffic, food spillages, doors left open, and greater workload all take their toll. Regular maintenance can only help with keeping the units on the straight and narrow. Measures to reduce these problems include:

  • Commercial Chest Freezer.Cleaning and replacing door gaskets.
  • Clearing up spillages, especially liquids.
  • Ensuring the condenser is dust free.
  • Keeping an eye on frost build up.
  • Ensuring gaps for airflow are clear and wide enough.  

There are many different makes, models, and designs of commercial freezers on the market but they all provide a similar basic function so common faults tend to occur:

  • Seals/gaskets. The heavy use of doors in a retail environment often causes splits and tears.
  • Icing. Ice can build up in various places and be indicative of a fault, leak, or obstruction.
  • Incorrect temperature. Fluctuations or too warm/cold internal climate is often found with a defective unit.

The FDA advises that it is safe to store food at zero Fahrenheit (-18 Celsius). Above this temperature, harmful microbes could multiply. Don’t leave it to chance. Call us today.

The Commercial Freezer Repair Experts

West Coast Chief Repair is the Los Angeles area’s trusted option for commercial freezer repair. Regardless of the type of freezer, you have installed in your business, our expert technicians have the training and practical knowledge needed to identify the source of any malfunction and devise an effective plan of repair. And after completing this preliminary work, our technicians rely on the same level of expertise to restore the lasting function of your freezer as quickly as possible. In this way, we do everything we can to minimize the disruption such failures can cause.

Our Repair Guarantee

At West Coast Chief Repair, we express our commitment to top-notch commercial freezer repair with a promise to only use new parts for every job we perform. We further back up the quality of our parts with a warranty that remains in effect for as long as a year. This warranty is paired with a labor warranty good for a full month. We charge the same reasonable fee for work performed during business hours or at night, on holidays or on the weekend. What’s more, none of our customers ever pay an extra charge for services performed in remote parts of the Los Angeles area. And if you contact us before noon, we’ll typically arrive at your business that very same day. Call us today to schedule an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you.

Troys Testimonial.Troy E.
Los Angeles, CA
“I had a refrigerator failure during last weeks heat wave. It was a ten-year-old, expensive Kitchenaid. Kitchenaid basically said that it was unrepairable because the serial # was missing so it would be impossible to get parts. I found West Coast online and they called me back in 30 SECONDS!!! That’s at 10 o’clock at night. Their man, Vladimir, came the next morning. He diagnosed it as a fan problem, found the part #, got the part and installed it for under $300.  He did say that it might be computer related, but that would be much more money, so we did the fan first.  The fridge and freezer are both working perfectly. I could not ask for more.”