In the modern world, keeping all aspects of your workplace or commercial concern running smoothly is essential, even creature comforts.

With a vast knowledge and experience gathered over the last quarter of a century makes us the ideal partner to deliver your HVAC repairs in Los Angeles.

What is HVAC?

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning and indicates that one system controls all your climate control needs and adapts to the conditions at the time. In the heat of summer, the heat pump removes the heat from the interior and expels it like a normal AC unit but in the winter or cooler nights it acts in reverse. Sometimes a gas furnace is built in but in the Southern Californian climate, this isn’t usually necessary.

Our qualified squad of experts always provide a considered and unbiased opinion on the best plan of action to overcome your particular Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning problems.

Common HVAC Issues

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning equipment is amongst the most complex systems found in most homes. This complete answer to climate control has many finely balanced components working in harmony. Popular manufacturers include Trane, Goodman, Mitsubishi, and American Standard, although all American Standard HVAC systems are now marketed under the Trane Air Conditioning Brand. As with all complicated equipment, if one part isn’t operating correctly it can have a knock-on effect on the entire process. Keep an eye out for the following:

Ice Build-upHeatingVAC

Some accumulation of ice can be normal, especially during winter, but this should be slight. Heat pumps have defrost cycles that should take care of this phenomenon. Thermostats or other sensors manage this, depending on the age and sophistication of the installation. Possible causes include:

  • Interrupted defrost cycle
  • Leaks from nearby guttering or other water sources
  • Blocked fans, vents, or filters
  • Faulty fan or drive belt

Unusual Odors

When moisture, heat, and refrigeration are involved there is always scope for unpleasant smells to develop. Never ignore an unusual whiff, it’s often an indication of an underlying problem. The different smells are actually useful for diagnosis, call us with any of the following and isolate the system from the power in the case of the first 2 and invoke your emergency procedures if gas is smelt:

  • Electrical
  • Burning
  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Mold/damp

High Utility Bills

Nobody likes those. The most common cause of this is one or more parts running continuously or longer than they should be. Sensors, thermostats, and fail-safes are used to protect the system but occasionally things go wrong. In normal circumstances, other indications would show up before the bill gets there but the following could also be culprits:

  • HVACBackup heat on constantly
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Heating and AC working in competition
  • Blocked or broken ducting
  • Dirty filter

There are many more symptoms and problems that precipitate them. West Coast Chief is local to LA, and we are only a phone call away, take advantage of our expertise.

Routine Maintenance and Service

HVAC for Businesses.One of the best ways to minimize breakdowns is to put your HVAC through regular services. Servicing will ensure that your system continues to operate. You can also take comfort in knowing that it will operate efficiently. A poorly maintained system requires more energy (and therefore a much higher utility bill) to achieve the same result as a tuned system.

There are many factors that can affect the overall efficiency of your HVAC system, even though it may appear to be working fine. For example, with blocked filters, your ventilation system will still work, but it will require much more energy to achieve the desired results. On gas heating systems, gas jets become blocked with carbon over time. This carbon buildup means that the shape of the gas jet becomes distorted, and thus it won’t completely burn the gas. So even if your heating system is still producing heat, it will require more gas to provide the same amount of heat as a well-maintained heater.

How Often Does an HVAC System Need a Service?

There are many factors that will affect the regularity of the service intervals:

  • The amount you use your system.
  • The age of the equipment.
  • The type of equipment.
  • The existing condition.

While routine maintenance will never guarantee you will not have unexpected breakdowns, it will certainly minimize them. To discuss what is the best way to take care of your HVAC investment and make sure that it operates at peak efficiency, call West Coast Chief Repair, and we will work out the best schedule that suits both you and the needs of your system.

Range of HVAC Units Covered

At West Coast Chief Repair, we have made a conscious effort to employ skilled technicians that can repair all types of HVAC systems. This means that whether you have a standard gas or electric heating system, electric air conditioning, or less conventional systems using, for example, heat pumps or combination systems, we can provide a one-stop shop for fixing all your machinery. This saves you the time and effort of having to find two or more companies to keep all your equipment up and running at maximum efficiency. We are also well versed in all the prominent brands like Goodman, Trane/American Standard, and Titus.

TZ review.

T Z.
Santa Monica, CA

Over the past year, I have had recurring issues with both of my central air conditioning units.

After ineffective repairs by other contractors, West Coast Chief Repair’s technician, Leon, inspected the HVAC systems, promptly identified the problem, and installed the equipment needed.

West Coast Repair management, Michael, and Chris, communicated throughout the project, and made sure I received a copy of the approved permits, filed with the city.  Along with team members Sean and Daria, West Coast Chief Repair provided attentive and helpful customer service, offered transparent and reasonable pricing, and have always acted with respect and integrity. I will continue to count on West Coast Chief Repair for my appliance repair needs.”