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Commercial Refrigerator Repair.

Commercial Refrigeration.Whether large or small, essentially all commercial kitchens depend on functioning refrigerators to store and preserve the food they cook every day. If a refrigerator stops running properly or fails altogether, costs can escalate as food spoils and valuable inventory goes to waste. Fortunately, a skilled and reliable repair service can quickly restore all types of true commercial fridges to good health. In communities throughout the Los Angeles area, food-related businesses call on the experts at West Coast Chief Repair. In all cases, we combine the very best in refrigerator repair with affordability and unbeatable dedication to courteous customer service.

Types of Commercial Fridges.


As their name indicates, solid-door units have opaque metal doors that conceal the food contained within them from exterior view. These high-efficiency fridges are typically installed along the cook line of a kitchen, where they provide quick access to important items. Commonly available options on solid-door models include doors configured to open to the left or right, split doors that open in both directions, and multiple doors that open left or right. Some models are mounted on rolling, lockable casters, while others sit on stationary legs.

Commercial Cake Cooler.Glass-Door.

Glass doors provide easy visual access to the interior as display cases. This can be quite helpful for determining food purchasing and restocking needs, and some businesses prefer these types of fridges to a walk-in cooler. In addition to using glass-door models for behind-the-scenes kitchen work, a restaurant or store may make them available for convenient customer self-service. Some come equipped with single doors or split doors, while others come with sliding doors that reduce the space required for comfortable use. Drinks and beverages are often on display from these types of refrigerator along with cakes, meat, vegetables, and a myriad of other retail items.

Worktop and Under-Counter.

Worktop refrigerators are waist-high units that superficially resemble chest freezers. The top of this type of fridge has a food-grade, stainless steel surface that doubles as a countertop for food preparation. This under-counter arrangement makes it easier to store newly prepped food. Some worktop models come equipped with a backsplash that simplifies food prep clean up by stopping food from falling behind the unit. Fridges in this category may come equipped with double doors, single doors, drawers, or a combination.

A similar arrangement can be found in under-counter cooling systems. Resembling worktop varieties they sit underneath an existing counter instead of providing additional space solely for food prep. Kitchens with under-counter refrigerators typically use them to access food held in storage pans.

Commercial Refrigerator Repair by West Coast Appliance Repair


Dual-temperature, as you would expect, combines at least one cooled compartment with one or more additional compartments configured as a freezer, heated container, or somewhere in between for specialized applications. These fridges are often found in kitchens with limited working space or unique food service requirements. Some units are configured with side-by-side compartment splits, while others feature a top/bottom arrangement.

Walk or Roll-In.

A roll-in ramp system makes it possible to load and remove food stored in rolling trays or tray racks. In roll-in fridges with two or more doors, each section has its own ramp. Kitchens with roll-in refrigerators can prepare lots of food in advance and need easy access to that food during daily operation.

Walk-in refrigerators are designed to provide easy storage and access for large amounts of food. They are a mainstay in many commercial kitchens and come in a range of sizes suitable for most kitchen environments. This category also includes outdoor units intended for businesses that don’t have the space for large-scale indoor food storage.

Floral Cooler.Floral Coolers.

Floral coolers are specifically designed to maintain the temperature and humidity levels required for storing flowers. They come with glass doors and can serve as behind-the-scenes storage units or display cases. Floral coolers come in single, two and multiple-door configurations. Some units have doors that open outward, while others have sliding doors that reduce the space required for use.

Troubleshooting Guide.

The ability to refrigerate is crucial to every foodservice business. Sometimes a simple fix is all it takes and calling out one of our skilled service staff could be an unnecessary cost to you and your time. There are a few possible scenarios that could be rectified without the need for professional assistance.

Loss of Power.

Check all the obvious things like cables, plug sockets, switches, and dials. Ensure power cables are seated firmly at both ends, if applicable. Eliminate power sockets with known working devices and check fuse boards. It may sound obvious but a significant proportion of calls are as a result of simple issues like these.

Temperature Fluctuations.

The internal temperature should remain at a constant level, within certain tolerances any deviation, either way, could indicate serious or simple problems. Make sure there is a large enough gap behind to allow adequate air circulation. Over time units can be pushed back against a wall, restricting the airflow, preventing the coolant dissipating its heat. Vents can become blocked with dust or debris, also giving circulation related symptoms.

Vegetable Chiller.Seals.

Seals can split, perish or become clogged or obstructed. The doors should shut without gaps to form an airtight finish. If anything interferes with this then heat from the surrounding environment can seep into the system, Try inspecting and cleaning the strip around the door(s) and inspect it again to see if it lies flush.

Internal Lighting.

The changing of lights and bulbs is a task often tackled by the consumer. It is a relatively simple procedure but please ensure you acquire the correct parts for your make and model. Also, closely follow the instructions that should have accompanied your appliance when you originally purchased it.

Other Common Faults.

A range of problems can affect a commercial refrigerator and reduce its efficiency or its ability to keep food or other items at the desired temperature. Common issues you may experience include:

  • Chilled Meat Display Cabinet.Doors that won’t stay closed.
  • Frost buildup inside the storage area
  • Cycling rapidly through “on” and “off” settings
  • Failure to end “on” cycle.
  • Fails to run at all.

Each of these issues has a number of possible underlying causes. For example, frost buildup may be:

  • Door gasket damage.
  • Air circulation problems.
  • Air leakage.

A fridge that runs constantly may have a thermostat that fails while in its open position, while a fridge that won’t run at all may have a thermostat that fails while in its closed position. Walk-in refrigerators have their own broad range of additional potential problems and underlying causes.

Time for the Professionals.

While we can advise you on the simple stuff, at some point we’ll have to come to the rescue in person. With in excess of a quarter of a century of hands-on experience under our tool belts, you won’t find better. Our timing is impeccable, our repairs are reliable, and our warranties are watertight. Call us today for a free quote.

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