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Commercial Kitchen in Perspective.Commercial Cooking Equipment.

Stoves, ranges, ovens, and cooktops are the beating heart of any food-related business. So not only do they get the heaviest use but they’re also relied upon the most. When these appliances perform as designed, it ensures a smooth running and predictable kitchen environment. When these essential appliances fail, kitchens can fall into chaos and disarray. If you’re dealing with a malfunctioning stove, range, rotisserie, oven or cooktop, call on the local commercial repair experts at West Coast Chief. With decades of experience and advanced training, we’ll solve your issues promptly and help restore a peaceful, profitable kitchen.  

Stoves and Ranges

Commercial stoves or ranges are essentially the same. They are powerful, versatile pieces of equipment found in most professional kitchens. Compared to ranges designed for home cooks, they provide distinct advantages, including a significant jump in available cooking space, greater durability and faster, more reliable cooking times. The basic types of commercial ranges include Restaurant and Heavy duty, although, there several types of specialty units too. Common makes include Viking ranges, Vulcan ovens, Wolf cooktops, and also manufacturers familiar to a residential kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen Restaurant..

Restaurant Ranges.

The standard in most commercial kitchens. These standalone appliances feature heavier construction than home ranges and burners with increased BTU output. Restaurant ranges come in a wide variety of widths, often wok burners and griddles are standard. 

Heavy Duty Ranges.

Heavy duty ranges are the true heavyweights of commercial kitchens. The design is specific for high volume performance. Features that include high-BTU burners and thicker-gauge metal. You can also link heavy duty gas ranges with other gas-powered commercial appliances and high-powered range hoods are also essential to keep being in a busy kitchen bearable. 

Specialty Ranges.

Flaming Wok.As their name implies, specialty ranges are designed for specific, limited uses. Types of these appliances include stockpot, wok, and taco ranges. 

Ranges come in a wide variety of configurations and sizes. Some units have built-in griddle sections. Others have spaces for separate griddle attachments. Add-ons found on commercial ranges include salamander broilers, cheese melters, storage bases and oven bases.

Full-Size Ovens.

Full-size commercial ovens are floor-mounted kitchen mainstays. They’re used for familiar purposes that include roasting, baking, and heating or reheating. This diverse category includes traditional gas and electric, convection, and accelerated cooking ovens. Combining traditional or convection heating with microwaves provide the acceleration. Others include conveyor, pizza, and rotating rack ovens, all with gas and electric fuel sources. Combination ovens let cooks do such things as bake, fry, grill, steam, boil or poach with a single appliance and innovations come from Wolf, Vulcan, and Viking.


Domestic microwaves are extensively used for reheating and other culinary shortcuts and the commercial versions are used that way too. They don’t normally produce a restaurant’s best work but are general time-savers.

Chef Using a Restaurant Griddle.

Countertop Ovens.

As their name indicates, countertop ovens are designed to fit on a kitchen countertop. Some units in this category feature a conveyor system that carries food through the oven interior. Other units feature a convection system that relies on a fan to distribute heat evenly throughout an enclosed cooking area. Pizza grills can also sit on the countertop or be any larger size up to the big stone bake pizza ovens. Toasters and conveyor ovens can also be found in space-saving countertop formats.


Griddles are flat, continuous cooking surfaces suitable for preparing a broad range of foods. Units in this category vary widely in size, and businesses can find an option that fits the space they have available. Some griddles are intended to sit on a countertop, while others sit flush with the top of a countertop or table. Power sources for these commercial appliances include gas, traditional electric heating elements and modern, magnetic field-generating induction elements.  

Salamanders and Cheese Melters.

Grilling.Salamanders are commercial broilers widely used for toasting, cooking and reheating. Cheese melters serve a similar purpose but give cooks a finer degree of control over cooking temperatures. Some salamanders heat up quite rapidly and are especially useful for kitchens that frequently need to reheat food. Both cheese melters and salamanders come in standalone versions fit for wall or countertop mounting, as well as versions suitable for attachment to a range or stove.

Induction Cooktops.

Induction cooktops are electricity-powered, countertop appliances that get their name from magnetic induction. A magnetic field-generating heating element applying direct heat is known as induction. This direct application results in lower heat dissipation and a cooler kitchen environment. Some induction cooktops are quite lightweight and portable, while others mount flush to surrounding countertops.

Troubleshooting Problems and Making Repairs.

Commercial stoves, ranges, ovens, and cooktops come in some many types and configurations. Any problems you experience may only occur in a specific kind of appliance. However, some of the most common problems can appear in a number of different appliance types. Issues often found in gas-powered units include:

  • Clogged burner ports.
  • Pilot lights that won’t stay lit.
  • Burners that fail to light even when the pilot light is lit.

Problems found in both gas-powered and electric units include:

  • Failure to cook food evenly.
  • Failure to reach the required cooking temperature.
  • Failure to maintain the required cooking temperature.

It takes a great deal of training and practical experience to be able to recognize all malfunctions that can occur in commercial stoves, ranges, ovens, and cooktops. The same holds true for the extensive skill set required to develop and carry out an appropriate repair plan for any and all discovered problems. Some repair agencies know how to correct malfunctions that appear in one or two of the many types of appliances found in this category. However, only the best, most experienced technicians know how to repair the problems found in all types of catering equipment.

Commercial Cooking.


West Coast Chief has provided repairs, installations, and planned maintenance in LA for a generation. From routine preventative servicing to emergency breakdowns through new equipment installations. Our team of technicians is ready to help any time of the day or night to retain the smooth running of your business running.

We stock all major commercial equipment components, ensuring fast repairs and short downtimes. We back all this up with our watertight parts warranty and labor guarantee. Call us out whenever you need us.

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