Dyeing clothes can be a great way to transform old fashions into something new and exciting. Not only can dyeing bring new zest to faded clothes, but it can provide you with an opportunity to express your artist, creative side as well. When it comes to dyeing clothes the biggest question is this: is it safe to dye clothes in your washing machine?

Simply put: yes.

Dyeing clothes in your washing machine is often the best way to ensure great results. For those brave souls who dare using your washing machine to bring new life to old clothing, it’s a fairly simple process that if done right won’t cause washer damage:

    • Mix the called for amount of dye with warm water in your washing machine. Set it to wash so that they dye mixes evenly. Make sure to use appropriate clothing dye only. Other dyes may damage clothes and stain your washer.
    • Add your pre-washed, wet fabric to the washing machine and set it to agitate for approximately 20 minutes.
    • Set the timer and reset your washing machine as needed to prevent draining or spinning.

Using your washing machine for dyeing clothes allows for a more even distribution of color and saves you the messy process of stirring the fabric by hand. If you are concerned about dye being left in your washing machine, run a short cycle once the dye process has been completed (with no clothes) to ensure that any residual color is washed away.

Dyeing clothing in your washing machine is safe if done correctly and using the appropriate dye, turning one of your household appliances into a venue for fun and creative expression. The only concern you need to have is which color to try next!