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Heater.California has a huge range of temperatures, nearly 180 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celsius) from the highest to the lowest records. Only a few places on earth have a greater range. The Californian cities that hold the highest and lowest temperature records are a long distance from the Greater Los Angeles area. Most of the year, LA has a temperate climate but during the winter it can get quite chilly. While it almost never snows or freezes, a cold Pacific wind can develop and June Gloom may need to be kept at bay.

Planning a heating system is more than just picking a unit that can emit enough heat to warm your home in the colder months. The ideal system should be energy efficient, quiet, and provide you with multiple heating and cooling options. It’s not enough just to be warm, a sympathetic home heating installation needs to consider the integrity and architecture of your home or business so not to damage or change anything. Home heating should be subtle and not something you need to be reminded of on a daily basis with loud noises and unsightly ductwork. In short, your home heating unit should disappear into the background.

Why Choose Us For Your Home Heating Installation?

Boilers and Heaters.West Coast Chief Repair has more than 25 years experience installing home heating units be it forced air, radiant, or gas wall. In those years we have seen a wide variety of architectures and created custom heating plans to suit the needs of thousands of satisfied customers. Where some companies might hesitate from the challenge of working in unique buildings, we welcome it. Being challenged invites the opportunity to solve new problems and keeps our highly trained, friendly technicians at the top of their game.

We offer the best selection of home and commercial heating systems in the area. Whether you are looking to install a new heating pump or full multi-purpose system, West Coast Chief has the products and the know-how to get your home heating system running at its best. We offer only the best products including units by Lennox, Trane, and Fedders. We can even offer financing with approved credit on Bryant heating systems and provide some of the industry’s best comprehensive warranties. Our commitment to providing the highest quality installation using industry best products is what has made us so successful these past quarter of a century.

Maintenance Too.

Heating Los Angeles.We do more than home heating installations, we work hard to make sure your unit stays running for the long term. We recommend maintenance schedules for your home or business heating units and remind customers of the best way to keep your unit running at its optimal, energy efficient best. In the event that something does go wrong, we can answer most repair calls the very same day. That is our commitment to you, our customers.

Trust us to provide a long-running, high-quality home heating installation, trust the experts at West Coast Chief Repair. Your home heating installation is not the place you want to cut corners and our team of high caliber heating & HVAC professionals does the job right the first time to keep you and your family warm, in fact, we guarantee it!

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Alina S.
Anaheim, CA
5 Stars.
“I have called to the West Coast Chief Repair on the evening and they said that tomorrow the technician will come. Next day early morning the technician Vadim came. He did a really good job, I liked the work he had done. I’m so happy that I called to that company.”