Air conditioning repair in Los Angeles & surrounding areas

During the summer, when temperatures skyrocket in Los Angeles and your AC unit breaks down, prompt, reliable repair is crucial to your comfort or business.

To solve your problems fast, call the air conditioning experts at West Coast Chief Repair, the top-rated air conditioner repair service in LA and surrounding areas for over a decade.

Diagnosing AC Problems & Making Repairs

Proper diagnosis is the all-important first step. Otherwise, you could waste time and money on work that doesn’t completely restore your air conditioning. Broken AC may involve several issues, including:

  • Faulty thermostat
  • Damaged control board
  • Faulty wiring
  • Damaged condensate pump
  • Compressor/Condenser malfunction
  • Low refrigerant levels

Types of Home Air Conditioners

No matter what type of AC you have, our staff of trained professionals has the expertise to make an accurate diagnosis and develop a timely, cost-effective repair plan.

Heating, Venting &  Air Conditiononing (HVAC)


Also known as Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Consider it one system, that merges heating, cooling and ventilation. Also, the system manages the air quality and temperature of each room from a separate control point.

Central Systems

This system functions as an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The inside unit lives in an unfinished space like the attic, with the outside mounted on a concrete pad. When in good operating order, these systems keep your cooling costs low.

Many symptoms point toward problems in a split air conditioning system:

  • Unanticipated jumps in summertime electricity costs
  • Failure to reach the thermostat temperature.
  • Longer on/off cycles than normal.
  • Rapid on/off cycling.
  • Visible refrigerant leaks.
  • Unusual sounds during operation. Ice formation on the lines between your indoor and outdoor units.
  • Lack of airflow from the AC registers inside your home.
  • Fan on your outside unit doesn’t turn when your air conditioner is on.

Packaged Units

This type of air conditioner has a central unit that houses its compressor, condenser coil, and evaporator coil instead of separating them like in a split system that sits outside your home.

Wall & Window Mounted Air Conditioners

Fast, reliable repair of your air conditioning unit.Window and Wall units cool a single room. ACs mount with a device called a chassis sleeve. This through-the-wall mounting ensures higher efficiency than window-mounted AC systems. Modern versions of window units rival the energy efficiency of a wall-mounted AC.

Our Warranties

We guarantee all our work with a parts warranty that’s good for 90 days to a full year. Also, we pair this component guarantee with an iron-clad, 30-day labor warranty. Our service includes same-day visits for calls made before noon. Charges for late-night, weekend and holiday appointments are the same as our standard daytime rate.

The AC Service Experts

The experts at West Coast Chief Repair have been fixing home air conditioners in the local area for almost 25 years. We offer same-day air conditioning service for the city of Los Angeles and surrounding areas, including Pasadena, Sherman Oaks, Burbank, Beverly Hills, Glendale, and everywhere in between. 

Allan.Allan F.
5 Stars.
West Coast Chief Repair did a great job with my AC.  Both AC units went belly up.  The home warranty company sent 2 other groups, which were not capable of doing leak tests.  Complete waste of time. Then they hired West Coast Chief Repair.  I have to say they repaired both AC units and now everything is going well.  They even did some preventative fixes for the future so that my AC units wouldn’t get damaged later.  Dean was my guy and he was great!  Thanks”