Maintaining the Dishwasher.Like all other man made devices, household and commercial appliances will only last so long before they malfunction in some way. In a high proportion of cases, major problems happen months or even years before they should. The cause of this is poor or non-existent maintenance.

At West Coast Chief, we specialize in the comprehensive maintenance of both residential and commercial appliances. With competent oversight from our expert technicians, your valuable devices will last longer and work more efficiently. Instead of spending money on repairs or replacements, you can enjoy the many benefits of trouble-free operation.

Why Us?

For over a quarter of a century, West Coast Chief has served as greater Los Angeles’ headquarters for the affordable, effective maintenance of residential and commercial appliances. Whether you’re seeking to avoid the onset of problems in new devices or seeking to avoid developing additional problems in previously repaired devices, we provide the expertise you need to achieve your aims.

Over time, we can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs, and help you keep your household or business running smoothly. These are just some of the benefits of appropriate, timely appliance maintenance. Contact us today to set up your customized servicing plan.

Extractor Hood Maintenance.West Coast Chief maintains all makes and types of major household appliances, as well as the heavier-duty appliances used in businesses such as restaurants, catering companies, and coin-operated laundries. Over decades of operation, we’ve grown deeply familiar with the inner and outer workings of devices from virtually all manufacturers.

Our extensive knowledge base makes it easy for us to identify the critical points in your specific machine and keep them in good working order through regular upkeep. In all cases, we follow best practices as established by the manufacturer and our own practical experience.

Establishing a Maintenance Schedule

How often should you have your household or commercial appliances serviced? One class of devices may require semi-annual or yearly maintenance while others may function well for two years or even longer without requiring any special attention. An appropriate maintenance schedule also depends on the working environment of the item in question. A commercial setting may necessitate different servicing needs than a residential one. Other important considerations include frequency of use and the official maintenance requirements that manufacturers establish for specific models in their product lines.

At West Coast Chief, we can help you establish a timely, effective maintenance schedule for any residential or commercial appliance. Over the years, we’ve provided servicing in any imaginable setting and circumstance. This encyclopedic experience allows us to weigh all relevant factors and establish a routine that suits your requirements to a tee.

Once we set up an appropriate schedule for your device(s), we’ll use it as our working roadmap. At the appointed times, we’ll arrive at your home or business and perform detailed servicing that addresses every issue on our customized checklist. And since maintenance schedules don’t always match up completely with real-world circumstances, we’ll also look for any additional, unexpected problems that may grow worse if they don’t receive prompt attention from a skilled professional.

Common Maintenance Requirements


Our detailed refrigerator servicing begins with a thorough cleaning of the condenser coils, which are responsible for the heat exchange that keeps the inside of your fridge within its intended temperature range. We also fully inspect each unit’s electrical system. Additional critical steps include:

  • Inspecting the defrost evaporator and drainFridge Care.
  • Checking the condition of the thermostat
  • Checking the condition of the air damper
  • Making sure the unit sits in a level position

Washing Machines

West Coast Chief services both top-loading and front-loading washing machines. Key points in our thorough maintenance of these machines include checks to:

  • Motor and belt
  • Wiring and electrical system
  • Agitation and spin speeds
  • Drainage
  • Water temperature
  • Water levels during normal operation
  • Hoses and pipes


During our multi-point dryer maintenance, we focus on all aspects of appliance performance. Areas of focus include:

  •        The condition of the drum seal and support
  •       Maintaining a Dishwasher. Wiring and the electrical system in general
  •        Inspection and cleaning of the temperature/moisture sensor
  •        Inspection of the dryer exhaust and intake


During dishwasher maintenance, we inspect the condition of the motor shaft and pump. We perform additional tasks such as:

  •        Cleaning the pump and spray arm
  •        Inspecting all electrical system functions
  •        Checking the water’s level and distribution
  •        Ensuring proper sealing and drainage

Helpful Additional Maintenance Advice

In addition to providing you with expert appliance servicing, the professionals at West Coast Chief are happy to show you important maintenance tips that you can put into practice on your own between scheduled checkups. Some of these tips will further prevent potential problems during normal operation. While most examples in this category will be specific to the make and model in question but some general advice:

  •        Avoid slamming or dropping your washer and dryer lids
  •        Promptly cleaning up food spilled on gas stovetops and rangetops
  •        Cleaning off the gaskets that keep your refrigerator and freezer sealed tight
  •        Cleaning out the lint filter on your clothes dryer after every load

Other tips we offer don’t necessarily help your appliances run better but focus instead on helping you preserve the appeal of your household or business environment. Examples in this category include things such as:

  •        Preventing kitchen odors by cleaning out the splash guard on your garbage disposal
  •        Preventing excessive washer or dryer noise by outfitting the feet of these appliances with rubber anti-vibration pads

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“I have a rental property that sometimes needs appliance maintenance.  Compared to several other appliance repair companies, I’ve actually had good luck with West Coast Chief Repair twice and will call them first from now on.  

The guys on the phone are kind and thorough, and they’ve been good about getting me prompt appointments.  

Both times the tech did his job with no fuss and a full explanation of what we needed doing.  Last time, he quickly diagnosed a non-draining dishwasher, did the work and got us back on track in 30 minutes. So, considering my experiences with other companies, they are as good as it gets in West L.A.”