Window Air Conditioner.The benefits of some sort of air conditioning are clear. A climate like the one we enjoy in Southern California means most homes have some means of cooling rooms. Window Air Conditioners are a relatively cheap method of cooling a single room. With correct fitting, they can be removed and reused in other rooms or times of the year.

Most air conditioners of this type are designed to be fitted into single- or double-hung sash windows. The lower part of the vertically sliding sash window closes onto the top of the AC. Units for other types of window, like horizontally sliding and casement, are available but they tend to be rare and therefore more expensive. A common practice is to fashion a frame that will hold the unit in place, regardless of the window type.

Fitting to Single or Double-hung Sash Windows.

In normal circumstances, window units have recesses and guide panels so the lower sash will hold the AC in place. Some fitting or adjustment may be required dependant on the individual window or unit but it should be simple. For security and efficiency, adjustable panels are supplied to fill any gaps either side. Stops should be fitted to prevent the lower (and upper in the case of double-hung) sashes from moving. Everything is then all screwed together securely. The whole thing should angle slightly towards the outside to allow any condensation to drip harmlessly outside.

Window AC’s are heavy and people have suffered fatal injuries as a result of poorly fitted units falling out and landing on them. Multi-million dollar lawsuits have also been won as a result of injuries sustained in similar circumstances. Don’t leave it to chance, give us a call and we’ll come and fit it properly. We’ll be cheaper than you expect and certainly better than a $21M lawsuit.    

Sliding and Casement Windows.

While not ideal, it’s a common practice to fit the same type to sliding or casement windows. Normally a metal bar or piece of wood takes the place of the lower sash and the glass above is replaced by wood, plexiglass, or even cardboard. This arrangement offers very little in the way of security and is more liable to cause injury by falling out.

How do window AC units function?

Older Air Con Unit.A compressor produces cold air and guides it into the room to keep it cool, while evacuating the hot air created, in the process, outside. This is the same refrigeration principle that’s found in other forms of air conditioning and fridges/freezers. The humidity is also reduced when the water vapor condenses on the condenser coil and the unit expels the excess water.

Window AC units can be installed at the beginning of summer and taken down when the weather no longer requires its presence. This makes it suitable for people who do not own their building and/or do not want to make great investments in more comprehensive systems. Generally, a window AC unit lasts for at least 4-5 years.  Even if it breaks, the professionals from West Coast Chief Repair may be able to find a way to extend its lifespan.


Most window AC units, even those made by different brands, are similar in size and shape. They are mainly made to fit standard sash windows, although there are some models which can be installed onto sliding or casement windows too. The differences between various types lie in the power or BTU. The less powerful units are smaller in size and recommended for small rooms, more powerful units cool larger spaces.  For example, a 150 square feet room can be successfully cooled down by a 5,000 BTU AC unit, while for a 1,000 square feet room, a 12,000 BTU unit is necessary.

Regardless of the size or power, the devices designed by all brands function in a similar way, and most of the manufacturers use similar parts. The professionals at West Coast Chief have a broad experience in repairing window AC units of all types, sizes, and capacities.  Once the device is back to normal, you can get back to enjoying the cool indoor climate for years to come.  

What Kind of Problems can a Window AC Unit Develop?

Window AC Unit.Although they are quite durable, window AC units will not function properly if even one component is damaged.  While some of the problems associated with these devices are minor and require only a simple adjustment (lowering the temperature, cleaning the filter, etc.), many issues require professional assistance.

No Response.  

Check the power, the outlet, and the breaker box. Even if everything is in good condition, sometimes the motor will shut off because it’s been running for too long. If the unit will not restart even after waiting for it to settle, call our professionals at West Coast Chief.

Inadequate Cooling.

There are multiple problems which can cause the unit to become inefficient. First, try to lower the thermostat temperature by at least 5 degrees. If you notice no difference, clean or replace the filters and try again. You may have a problem with your motor or compressor. Other causes for inadequate cooling may be a leakage of coolant or a blockage in the exterior unit.

Bad Odors.

Air conditioning units are damp on the inside. If the filters and coils are not cleaned and/or replaced regularly, there is the risk of moisture and bacteria build-up. If you detect a strange odor coming from your window AC unit, stop using it and clean it thoroughly. If you do not know how to clean the filters, let us do the dirty work.

Unusual Noises.  

AC Unit with a Birds Nest.Unwanted noise inside your AC unit usually comes from the fan belt, which is out of position or damaged. We can reposition or replace the belt so that the AC runs smoothly and quietly.

West Coast Chief in Los Angeles offers professional window AC unit repair.

West Coast Chief Repair has extensive experience repairing window AC units. From basic maintenance procedures (e.g. cleaning filters and coils, grease fans, replacing fan belts, etc.) to more complex repairs (e.g. fixing motors and compressors), we have the experience and training required to solve your window AC unit’s problems on the spot.  Call us, and we will come right over.