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Specializing in the Repair of Amana Appliances

American-made Amana appliances have long been valued by consumers and businesses across the country. However, despite their enduring reputation for initial quality and ongoing reliability, these products can and do fail with long-term use. And as any homeowner or business owner knows, unexpected appliance failures can lead to serious life disruptions in a matter of just minutes or hours.

When your Amana appliances no longer work like they should, contact the proven experts at West Coast Chief Repair. For a quarter of a century, we’ve specialized in the diagnosis and correction of malfunctions in these treasured products. No other repair service in greater Los Angeles can beat our track record for timeliness, brand-specific knowhow and dedication to affordable pricing.

Cooking Appliances


Amana manufactures both gas- and electricity-powered kitchen ranges. These high-quality appliances are equipped with features that include:

  •         Multiple element output levels on electric models
  •         Multiple burner output levels on gas models
  •         Easy Touch electronic controls on electric and gas models
  •         Temp Assure cooking technology for even distribution of oven heat
  •         Bake Assist temperature presets
  •         Sabbath Mode for use in kosher homes

We supply brand-specific repairs for all Amana gas and electric ranges. In addition to problems with the manufacturer’s exclusive technology, we can easily diagnose and repair more general range issues.


Amana’s line of cooking appliances also includes separately installed electric and gas cooktops. Models in the company’s line come with consumer-friendly options such as:

  •         Right Controls for precise temperature manipulation
  •         Layouts that comply with Americans with Disability Act (ADA) standards
  •         LP conversion for gas models
  •         Easy-access front-mounted controls
  •         Easy installation over an existing Amana wall oven

No matter the features you choose for your Amana cooktop, West Coast Chief has the expertise needed for all minor and major repairs. Where a less-skilled provider might encounter problems, we get the job done with efficiency and accuracy.

Wall Ovens

Amana makes electricity-powered wall ovens in multiple sizes. Features of these products include:

  •         A Fit System that helps ensure proper mounting in existing cabinetry
  •         Easy Touch electronic controls
  •         Temp Assure cooking technology
  •         Hidden heating elements
  •         Compliance with ADA guidelines

Whether malfunctions occur in Amana-specific components or in components also found in other ovens, West Coast Chief Repair maintains the same high standards for malfunction diagnosis and correction.


The Amana line of microwaves includes both over-the-range units and countertop units. Features available on these appliances include:

  •         Automatic sensors that adjust cooking time as needed
  •         One-touch settings for frozen entrees, leftovers, potatoes, frozen and fresh vegetables, pizza and soup
  •         10 levels of cooking power
  •         Hidden vents
  •         High-efficiency motors for improved airflow

When working on microwaves, our staff of expert technicians apply the same level of care used for all other Amana cooking appliances. Advance knowledge of what to expect helps simplify the repair process and reduce the time needed to complete the required work.

Refrigerators and Freezers

Like other top manufacturers, Amana manufactures refrigerators in top-freezer, bottom-freezer, side-by-side and French-door configurations. Depending on the models you choose, you can enjoy features such as:

  •         An Adaptive Defrost system that runs only when required
  •         TempAssure temperature management technology
  •         Tap-touch programming
  •         Fast Cool technology for the rapid cooldown of fresh groceries

The company also makes both horizontal and upright freezers. Features available on these appliances include:

  •         A DeepFreeze setting for long-term food storage
  •         Built-in rollers for easy unit repositioning
  •         Fast Freeze technology for rapid freezing of newly added items
  •         A Free-O-Frost system that helps eliminate the need for defrosting

The experts at West Coast Chief service the entire range of Amana freezers and refrigerators. Focus on the brand gives us an important advantage over general providers who lack specific knowledge of the company’s products.


Amana manufactures dishwashers equipped with a choice of traditional consoles or hidden, fully integrated consoles that make it easier to control all functions. Available options on these products include features such as:

  •         Heat-boosted wash cycles
  •         Delayed starting
  •         Short one-hour wash cycles
  •         A Triple Filter system that helps eliminate the need for pre-rinsing
  •         SofSound sound reduction technology
  •         A SoilSense cycle that automatically gauges the required water level and washing time

The professionals at West Coast Chief can diagnose and correct any problem affecting your Amana dishwasher. In all cases, we carry out repairs geared toward your particular appliance.

Clothes Washers and Dryers

The Amana line of laundry appliances includes full-size and compact washing machines, as well as full-size and compact clothes dryers. The company’s washers have features that include:

  •         Up to eight wash cycles
  •         Up to five temperature settings
  •         A Deep Water setting for maximum cleaning power

Electricity- and gas-powered dryers come with features such as:

  •         Up to 11 dryer settings
  •         Automatic Dryness controls
  •         A Wrinkle Prevent option
  •         Multiple temperature settings

Our washer and dryer repair services meet the same high bar set by our other brand-specific Amana offerings. As always, our focus on the manufacturer’s design specifications leads to reduced downtimes and fewer life disruptions.

Heating and A/C Products

Amana currently manufactures two separate lines of heating and air conditioning products:

  •         HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems that provide whole-building temperature control
  •         PTAC (packaged terminal air conditioner) appliances that combine heating and cooling functions into a compact unit

In the recent past, the company also manufactured portable air conditioners and dehumidifiers.

As experts in both residential and commercial appliance repairs, the professionals at West Coast Chief are well-positioned to diagnose and correct problems in all Amana heating and cooling products. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner or property manager, you can call on us to troubleshoot any malfunction and devise an effective solution that saves you time and money.

Greater Los Angeles’ Home for Amana-Focused Appliance Repair

For decades, communities throughout greater Los Angeles have called on West Coast Chief Repair as their preferred provider for residential and commercial appliance repairs. One of the key factors in our regional prominence is the commitment we make to learning the ins and outs of the products made by Amana and other top manufacturers. Instead of treating all appliances the same, we rely on brand-specific training and experience. In addition, we back each repair with comprehensive parts and labor warranties that we honor under all circumstances. For the very best in Amana-related services, call us today.