3 Freezer Maintenance Tips

Freezer compartments and standalone freezers make it easy for you to store food long-term and keep your grocery bill down. But, to perform their job properly, these widely used major appliances must receive regular maintenance. Here are three low-stress freezer maintenance tips that will help you keep it going strong and avoid an expensive repair [...]

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5 Quick Tips for Refrigerator Maintenance

A working refrigerator is essential for the smooth function of your household. In fact, even a small malfunction in this workhorse appliance can lead to significant disruption of your normal routine. Fortunately, with these 5 quick tips, you can greatly decrease the odds that you will experience unexpected problems if you establish and carry out [...]

5 Quick Tips for Refrigerator Maintenance2019-11-25T12:36:18-08:00

DIY Frigidaire Refrigerator Appliance Repair: Ice Maker Won’t Stop

Frigidaire is one of the most popular refrigerator manufacturers in America. They generally have an excellent reputation for quality, but any appliance can develop unforeseen or relatively unique problems after extended periods of use. One problem that has arisen in certain older Frigidaire models is an ice maker that won’t stop producing ice once its [...]

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Quick Fixes You Can Do Yourself.

Refrigerators are one of the more reliable of household labor-saving devices you have in your home, so it might come as a shock when it springs a leak. It may need professional diagnosis but there are also a few general maintenance issues that you can try at home before you go to the expense of [...]

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