AC Unit.

HVAC is an acronym for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, most HVAC units are entirely powered by mains electricity. However, heat production can also be handled in other ways, solar and geothermal being two. Natural gas can also be packaged into the system to produce cheap clean heating.

Buildings in Los Angeles and those in most southern US states commonly need cooling in the summer months and some form of heating in the relatively mild winter months. HVAC devices have a heat pump, which is basically a reversible refrigeration system, to provide heat. Dual-fuel devices can be beneficial if temperatures drop to below freezing, not a common event in most of California, but we still see these devices sometimes. Like other heating and cooling solutions, a packaged system can develop a number of problems during normal operation. If your gas/electric unit no longer functions properly during summer or wintertime, count on the professionals at West Coast Chief for affordable, reliable maintenance, repair, and replacement services.

What Is a Gas/Electric Packaged Heating Unit?

The term packaged unit is used to describe a heating or cooling system that contains all of its functions in one section. This single section performs all of the functions of a split system in one location. Packaged units are placed on the outside, often on the roof of commercial buildings, or on concrete slabs at ground level in residential areas.

Packaged units come in several different cooling and/or heating configurations, including packaged air conditioners, packaged heat pumps, dual-fuel systems and gas/electric packaged units. A gas/electric packaged unit combines an electricity-powered air conditioner with a furnace powered by natural gas or propane. The air-conditioning portion of the unit operates like any other air conditioner during warmer months of the year, while the furnace operates like any other gas-powered furnace during colder months to supplement the heat pump when things get particularly cold.

The Benefits of a Functioning Gas/Electric Packaged Unit

If you have a gas/electric packaged unit, you rely on a single device for both your cooling and heating needs. This means that, in either summer or winter, a malfunctioning unit can result in serious inconveniences that include an uncomfortable or even dangerous temperature inside your home or business, as well as a potentially steep rise in your typical utility costs. If your gas/electric unit malfunctions, you also lose some unique benefits of this cooling/heating approach.

Signs It’s time for a Repair

Since gas/electric packaged units combine the functions of electricity-powered air conditioners and gas-powered furnaces, they can develop problems common to both of these types of systems. Potential indications of problems with the AC side of your unit include:

  • Testing the Gas Line.Failure to produce adequate amounts of cool air
  • Lack of adequate airflow
  • Inability to reach or maintain your desired temperature
  • Unusual noises or smells
  • Unexpected increases in your utility bills

Potential indications of problems with the furnace side of your unit include:

  • Inadequate amounts of heated air
  • Pilot light or other ignition system issues
  • Inability to maintain your desired temperature
  • Gas or other unusual smells
  • Utility bill rises during wintertime

If you experience problems with the AC or furnace side of your gas/electric packaged unit, give the professionals at West Coast Chief Repair a call. With the information you provide, we can quickly decide if you have a simple maintenance issue, a repair issue that can wait for a scheduled visit, or a repair issue that requires immediate attention from our staff of expert technicians. In addition, we can show you how to perform preventive maintenance steps that will help keep your unit free from major issues in the future.

Diagnosing Problems and Making Repairs

Thermostat.As is true for separate AC units and gas-powered furnaces, the problems affecting gas/electric packaged units have a range of causes. For instance, possible reasons for a lack of cool air output on the AC side of your unit include low Freon levels or a failed compressor. Potential sources of unusual noise on the AC side of your unit include worn motor bearings, belt slippage and lack of complete component lubrication. On the furnace side, pilot light problems have potential sources such as a clogged pilot opening and a gas valve malfunction. Unusual noise in the furnace side could belt slippage, ignition problems within the burner, or the failure of any one of several components. Inadequate heating may stem from anything from pilot light problems or thermostat malfunctions to leaks in your ducting system.

Whether you’re looking for repair, maintenance, or whole new installation we can help. West Coast Chief are everyone’s trusted choice for rapid local service. We’re the best local packaged, dual fuel, gas/electric, HVAC home comfort system service technicians in the business. Technicians that are qualified, highly trained, vetted and guaranteed to help fix all labor saving and home comfort devices.