There are three basic ways of buying appliances; new, refurbished, or second hand. Often it’s a trade-off between cost and longevity with a huge dollop of luck. Use this guide to take as much control back from lady luck as possible and buy smart not just cheap.

Deciding on New or Used.When it comes to getting appliance repairs or new appliances for the home, getting the best deal is always a priority. In tight economic times, finding ways to save money is essential to daily life. One of the ways many people look to save money on household appliances, such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, and more, is to purchase second-hand (or used) appliances. While this can save a homeowner a significant amount of money, purchasing certain used appliances may not always be a good idea.

Different Sources

Sometimes people will give things away for free or a nominal amount for the sake of the environment or just doing a good dead. Often, in these circumstances, a new kitchen has been fitted and the old appliances just don’t match but are in perfect working order. In this scenario, if you’re happy with the look and willing to deal with it if it breaks, then there’s not much to think about.

Private Purchases

The next cheapest way to acquire appliances is to buy privately from the classified ads or sites like eBay. This comes with the greatest risk but can give the greatest reward. Buyer beware is the condition that these transactions are made under, meaning there is little you can do after money has changed hands.

  • Always ask to see the item working and do as many tests as you can.
  • Be prepared to walk away empty handed, if the vendor won’t cooperate with you there’s probably a reason.
  • Take note of how other things are taken care of in the house, it’s a good indication of how they looked after the one up for sale.
  • Ask why the item is no longer wanted, if you don’t get a simple plausible answer, think twice.

Used Ovens.Reconditioned

There are many companies out there that will acquire equipment from various sources and recondition, repair, and/or improve the item cosmetically and retail it with a warranty. While bargains can still be found, there are a few problems with this business model. Mass production methods improve over time and prices of new equipment are pushed down by cheap imports so there are smaller margins for these companies to operate. When margins are squeezed, corners are often cut. Sometimes the savings over buying new aren’t worth the probable problems that might await when the warranty period is over. Check the reputation of the prospective company on social media before committing yourself.

Some Appliances Will Last Longer Than Others

Appliances filled with delicate electronics like microwave ovens or those with many moving parts that are constantly under pressure like washing machines are likely to be among the shorter-lived devices. Items under less strain last longer, refrigerators can quietly chug along in the corner for 20 years or more. Statistics on the expected operational lifespan of common appliances can be found here.

Care and Maintenance

Like anything, if you take care of your devices they will last longer. Call on West Coast Chief Repair to ensure optimal installation and ongoing care is carried out to safeguard your investment. We are also on standby to keep it in working order should anything go wrong.