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Busy Restaurant Kitchen.You rely on some commercial appliances more than others but it’s always worth keeping on top of your inventory before things get out of control. Give us a call to receive a rapid visit from our highly trained staff and get back on track in an instant.

Businesses throughout the Greater Los Angeles area rely on a broad range of heavy-duty commercial appliances to provide critical services to their customers. If your business depends on a specific type of commercial appliance to get the job done, even a minor breakdown or loss of operating efficiency can seriously interfere with your ability to maintain your reputation and keep your customers happy. When problems arise, you need the services of an expert who knows how to quickly assess the situation, find the most cost-effective solution and make a lasting repair that restores the health of your vital equipment.

At West Coast Chief, we’ve spent decades specializing in the rapid, affordable repair of the most widely used commercial appliances. No matter what type of help you need, we have the training, experience and good old-fashioned know-how required to get your equipment back online and keep your business running at peak efficiency.

Common Commercial Appliance Problems.


Walk in Freezer.Refrigerators are essential for the operation of a wide variety of businesses, including restaurants, grocery stores, and florist shops. The list of possible refrigerator types found in these establishments is extensive and includes common models such as solid- and glass-door units, walk-in, and roll-in units. It also includes less widely used, more specialized models such as worktop, dual-temperature, and under-counter fridges as well as floral coolers.

Problems that can degrade the useful function of a commercial refrigerator are similarly diverse. Issues that typically indicate a need for a diagnosis and repair include rapid cycling between “on” and “off” settings, a failure to cycle off periodically and complete failure to turn on. Other frequently occurring issues include a failure to maintain the temperature set by the thermostat, a door that won’t seal, and frost accumulation in the storage compartment.


Freezers are also commonly used by businesses in a number of industries, including restaurants, meat distributors, and grocery stores. Like commercial refrigerators, commercial freezers come in a variety of formats designed to support specific operational objectives in a business setting.

Whatever their type or purpose, commercial freezers tend to develop fairly similar operating problems over time. The most likely issues include not getting cold enough to produce full freezing in the storage compartment, as well as leaking and cycling frequently between “on” and “off” settings. A malfunctioning commercial freezer may also develop problems with fluctuating temperatures or a temperature that’s low enough to promote ice accumulation.

Stoves, Ranges, Ovens, and Cooktops.

Wok Burner.Stoves, ranges, ovens, and cooktops form the functional core of virtually all restaurants and catering businesses. Types of stoves/ranges found in commercial kitchens include standard restaurant ranges, heavy-duty ranges and specialty units such as taco, stockpot, and wok ranges. The list of commonly used full-sized ovens includes a wide array of models, including traditional gas, convection, and electric units, as well as conveyor, rotating rack, pizza, and combination ovens. Smaller cooking units include everything from countertop and induction cooktops to cheese melters, salamanders, and griddles.

Each sort of stove/range, oven, and cooktop has its characteristic operating issues. However, certain problems frequently occur in multiple types of cooking appliances. Repair-worthy problems common to all units powered by electricity and natural gas or propane include:

  • Failure to reach the desired cooking temperature.
  • Uneven temperatures throughout the cooking surface or area.
  • Erratic cooking temperatures that change without warning.

Units powered by natural gas or propane also frequently have shared operating issues such as:

  • Faulty pilot lights.
  • Faulty burners.
  • Blocked or clogged burner ports.

Coin-Operated Laundry.

The coin-operated washers and dryers installed in laundromats are specifically designed for repeated use over extended periods of time. Despite their ability to withstand workloads unimaginable for a household washer or dryer, these units inevitably develop problems that decrease their ability to work efficiently or prevent them from remaining in operation at all. This is especially true for units that don’t receive routine daily maintenance and periodic preventative maintenance intended to halt the development of serious issues.

Problems that commonly appear in poorly maintained, coin-operated washers include:

  • Commercial Washing Machines.Worn or insufficiently lubricated bearings.
  • Accumulation of calcium and other minerals on components like the heating elements
  • Leaks.

Problems common to poorly maintained, coin-operated dryers include:

  • loose or slack drive belts,
  • worn or insufficiently lubricated bearings
  • A buildup of carbon-based soot on the burner assembly of a gas-powered unit.

Each of these issues can lead to serious energy wastage, breakdowns, and incomplete clothes washing or drying results for your valued customers.

Other Items.

Most commercial and retail premises have a wide array of different equipment for the benefit of customers or staff. Many operations have specialist or bespoke machinery that’s geared towards its line of business. Our technicians have extensive experience of a wide range of appliances from small handheld devices to those you can walk right into. Get us in today for any and all issues.



Testimonial from Benn.

Benn T.
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“We have worked with this company before but really appreciated Art’s work today. He came out on a Saturday and went above and beyond duty- he could have inspected and put it off but instead committed to staying and fixing the leak. He spotted it promptly, corrected the problem then took the time to test the washer to ensure it was working fine. Hope you get Art- he is efficient, friendly and thorough.”