Lighting the Gas Burner with a Match.You’re all set to cook, maybe you have even already chopped some onion, and just as you’re setting down your skillet, you turn on the gas burner and…nothing. It won’t light! This frustrating situation is one of the most common problems that go with owning a gas range.

While there are many advantages to gas ranges such as instant heat and the ability to cook even when there’s a blackout, the disadvantage is that you must be able to light the range first. At a pinch, you can always opt for using a match to light your range, but in the long-run, you’ll want to sort out the problem. Here are some easy ways to find the source of the problem:

Clogged and Dirty.

Believe it or not, quite frequently the reason your stove won’t light is due to faulty electrodes or a dirty burner cap. This makes for an easy fix. Ensure that all burners are turned off and cool. Then, simply remove the burner heads and caps from all burners, clean them out using a mild detergent and water. Then, use a soft brush to clean out the small holes in the burner head.

Either dry all items with a towel or allow them to air dry. In order for this fix to work, everything needs to be completely dry when you put it all back together. Then, carefully place all of the pieces back together and try lighting your stove again.

Gas Ring Won't Light.Electrode Issue.

Unfortunately, sometimes the issue is more complicated and may come down to a wiring issue or a faulty electrode. What are electrodes? They are the small white nubs that provide the spark to light your burners. You can find them by removing all burner caps and heads. Make sure your stove is cool and you’ve unplugged it before doing this.

Observe all of the electrodes, notice if any seem to have been bumped out of position or if any wires are sticking out. If the electrode isn’t sitting evenly, aligned with the cooktop, try adjusting it very gently. If there are no problems there, remove the sealed cap to see if there are any loose wires. You can try reconnecting on your own, or if you’re not very handy with electrical, it may be best to call in the professionals.

Sometimes, electrodes may simply wear out and not perform up to par any longer. Do a quick test, plug in your range again and turn out the lights, then try igniting the burner. Observe the electrode to see what color spark it’s producing, if it’s not a bluish-white color, you may need to replace the electrode or igniter. While you could try to do it yourself, you may prefer an experienced professional to take on this job.

Cleaning a Gas Burner.Wrong Position.

Sometimes, after cleaning the burners, the caps and heads may get placed incorrectly, double check to ensure that they are all in the correct position and that you’re not covering your igniter completely.

When all of these troubleshooting tricks fail, you’ll need the help of a professional. Often, a stove that won’t light is an easy problem to fix, but sometimes it goes beyond what the average do it DIY enthusiast can handle.

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