Refrigerators are one of the more reliable of household labor-saving devices you have in your home, so it might come as a shock when it springs a leak. It may need professional diagnosis but there Clean the Fridge Door Gasket.are also a few general maintenance issues that you can try at home before you go to the expense of calling us out. Don’t delay, water can find its way to all sorts of nooks and crannies and do plenty of damage on the way.

     1. Water Filter Leak

If you have a modern refrigerator outfitted with a water filter, this may be the source of your fridge leak. Usually, this is due to a broken connection between the fridge and the filter. Sometimes, the wrong sized filter was installed, and needs to be replaced. If the water filter is old, it may just have cracked with overuse. This isn’t a major problem, but it should be fixed as soon as possible so that you aren’t constantly cleaning up puddles and wasting water. We at West Coast Chief Repair can quickly pinpoint the source of the water filter leak and repair it with ease or just replace or reseat it yourself.

     2. Blocked Defrost Drain

Troubleshoot Your Fridge.The defrost drain collects the condensation from the water that runs from the freezer’s refrigeration lines, via the coils, down into the drain pan. The water collected in the pan is meant to evaporate before the next regular defrost cycle your refrigerator automatically runs, but if the drain is clogged, the water will back up into the freezer, down into the fridge, and eventually pool on your floor. The drain can be clogged by food particles, so it may be as simple a matter as clearing the drain by flushing hot water through it and swabbing it clear with a small brush.

     3. Cracked Drain Pan

Liquid from the defrost drain empties into the defrost pan at the bottom of your fridge. It’s normal for the water to accumulate and evaporate over time. If the pan is cracked or split the water will leak onto the floor, it will also evaporate from there and since there’s normally a small amount you may never notice but it could cause a safety hazard so call us out as soon as you can.

     4. Faulty Ice Maker

Most modern refrigerators have a built-in ice maker, conveniently allowing homeowners to enjoy fresh ice on demand. But that modern convenience becomes a little less convenient if it’s the cause of your leaky refrigerator. Ice makers are connected to water lines, and these connectors may crack or wear with age, causing a water leak. The water line itself may be cracked. It should be fairly easy to spot if this is the issue, all you have to do is examine the water line to the ice maker and its connectors to see if they are in good shape or if they’re dribbling water.

At West Coast Chief Repair, we have decades of experience repairing refrigerators and can make yours leak-free in no time. All of our services are guaranteed, so you can feel good about choosing us for your fridge repair work. If you contact us before noon, odds are we can show up and complete the repair on the same day! Call us for a free estimate at (888) 832-3599, and check for our coupons on the refrigerator repair section of our website for a special discount.