Frigidaire is one of the most popular refrigerator manufacturers in America. They generally have an excellent reputation for quality, but any appliance can develop unforeseen or relatively unique problems after extended periods of use. One problem that has arisen in certain older Frigidaire models is an ice maker that won’t stop producing ice once its ice bin reaches full capacity. Fortunately, in many cases, you can fix this issue on your own with little or no help from an appliance repair professional.

Abundance of Ice.How Does Your Ice Maker Work?

Before we get into the details of do-it-yourself solutions for your Frigidaire ice maker, it’s useful to develop a basic understanding of how this part of your refrigerator works. The process of ice making begins when a ¼ inch tube connected to a water supply carries water to a fill valve inside the fridge. This valve is regulated by an ice maker thermostat, which determines when to let water flow into the automated assembly area and mold where actual ice making occurs. After the ice freezes, the thermostat triggers a small heater, which loosens the cubes from the mold. The thermostat also turns on a motor that pushes ice into the fridge’s collecting bin.

A shut-off arm sits above the ice bin. When fresh ice begins passing from the mold to the bin, the position of this arm rises. Shortly thereafter, the arm starts to lower. When it drops back down far enough, the arm comes into contact with the ice in the collecting bin. This sends a signal to the rest of the system to stop producing ice. Ice production will normally start again only when the level in the bin starts dropping and the shut-off arm falls low enough to trigger another cycle.

Why Won’t the Fridge Stop Making More Ice?

DIY Ice Maker Fix.Problems begin when the shut-off arm doesn’t drop down far enough to come into contact with the ice inside the collecting bin. When this happens, the rest of the system never receives a signal to stop doing its job, and ice piles higher and higher. Unfortunately, some older Frigidaire models have poorly designed ice maker shut-off arms. These arms ride higher than they should and lead to an ice maker that won’t turn off unless you completely power it down.

DIY Solutions

Frigidaire is aware that some of its older models have improperly designed ice maker shut-off arms. To remedy this situation, they produce replacement bail arms equipped with a specially designed extension. During operation, this extension makes sure that the arm comes into contact with ice in the collecting bin and triggers a temporary halt to ice production. With proper safety precautions and a little bit of DIY know-how, you can use the detailed instructions that come with the replacement arm kits to make your own ice maker repairs. You can check with the manufacturer for more information on how to obtain a replacement kit, or speak to the service department at a Frigidaire retailer.

In addition, some technicians report another potential DIY solution. It appears that in some cases it may be possible to bend a faulty Frigidaire shut-off arm into a lower angle so that it will make proper contact with ice in the collecting bin. However, this doesn’t always work, and if you attempt to fix the problem in this manner you might just end up breaking the arm instead of making an effective repair. Before you try this second DIY method, seek us out because our technicians are familiar with the shut-off arm issue.